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Gruntvig Learning Partnership

 CREATIVE Learning   in Education United

There are more and more families having social risk and welfare recipients in rural areas, from where to educational institutes are coming a lot of children who have speech and speaking disorder.

This project is needed for that learning adults (parents, grandparents, teachers, speech therapists, special pedagogues) – like a purposive group of the project achieve the experience to create and use the newest learning methodologies in cooperation with European countries – partners.

The project is intended for teaching;

– parents,

– grandparents,

– specialists (speech therapists, special pedagogues),

– teachers,  who are responsible for children  with speech disorder, also their education and learning trough creativity.

Children’s creativity, training of fine and gross – scale motorics, sensuality and imagination, verbal expression will be proceeded during art, music and theatre activities at the time of meeting partners.

During the project acquired knowledge teachers, speech therapists and special pedagogues will help adults to deepen their knowledge and abilities in case to help their children.

The whole purposive group collaborating with European countries – partners will get experience using the newest methods, learning from partners living in other countries, a chance to ponder on practice of their work, collaborating with other colleagues, create the newest and advanced methodology.

Collaboration would provide the opportunity to receive the important information and knowledge, to share an experience, to get advice and to get sight into the useful and different methods, which are valid on the live experience and helpful in learning process.

Taking part in the project will get the chance to create new and adedince items which implementing alone would not be available.

Members of the project will get new providence and experience.


1. Tellus Group Ltd, Plymouth, England

2. Eurl Aristote, Paris, France

3.Kutahya Valiligi-Kütahya-Turkey

4.  Associazione COAT – Centro Orientamento Ausili Tecnologici Onlus, Perugia, Italy

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